TrueVoice customer interaction analytics

TrueVoice is Deloitte’s in-house developed, omnichannel customer interaction analytics software and service proposition for contact centres. Global clients benefit from cutting-edge AI, augmented by Deloitte’s unparalleled resources – the largest professional services network in the world.

TrueVoice is quick to deploy and integrates and scales readily. It supports in excess of 30 languages. Available as a fully Managed Service, our expert team ensures value is delivered both out-of-the-box and on an ongoing basis.

In 2020, for the fifth successive year, Gartner named Deloitte a global leader in its Magic Quadrant for Data and Analytics Service Providers.

What’s new?

  • As TrueVoice monitors up to 100% of customer interactions across every channel, it provides deep, holistic and actionable insight regarding risk factors, customer experience and Quality Management, etc.
  • Unlike other solutions, for voice interactions, TrueVoice uses Machine Learning to analyse behaviour and emotion on every call, thus enabling clients to understand true intent – not just spoken words.
  • Information is presented via TrueVoice’s intuitive and interactive dashboard. Users may also create their own simple or complex Boolean searches. Data may be readily accessed and then manipulated outside the platform.

How we can help

  • When taken as an ongoing Managed Service, the solution is tailored and optimised by our experts according to each client’s evolving requirements. This is further augmented with regular reporting and recommendations.
  • We help clients understand intent to uncover the real drivers across customer interactions, and, for example, to identify those customers showing signs of dissatisfaction.
  • TrueVoice has many strategic and operational applications, including Quality Management automation, emergent trend and root-cause analysis, etc.

How we’ve helped organisations like yours

Quality Monitoring
Sales Uplift
Our client replaced a labour-intensive, subjective and expensive manual call evaluation process with TrueVoice. They automated 70% of their Quality Assurance process. Efficiency gains of up to 72% have been achieved. Using TrueVoice, our client identified that 20% of their calls were appropriate for channel shift. Acting on this, they achieved a huge uplift in operational efficiency and multi-million $/£/€ annual cost savings. Utilising TrueVoice to conduct a comprehensive analysis of sales delivery and outcomes, we helped our client to identify best practice and achieve a 14% increase in sales conversion.
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