Why you need to rethink your Organogram

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In this video Rob Whelan, Head of Org Design Eminence at Deloitte UK discusses the importance of the organogram and why organisations need to rethink how they are represented externally. Find out what Robert’s top four tips are for organisations when rethinking their organogram.

No matter what you are in charge of, from a local choir to a large country, it makes sense to consider how you are represented externally. The amount of money companies spend on logos can be utterly staggering, but the benefits speak for themselves. From the Nike Swoosh to Google’s signature font (Product Sans, if you are interested), the shapes and imagery of an organisation have a habit of sticking in the mind.

The reason so much time and effort are put into logos and other such branding is to do with the subconscious associations they can bring about. With all this time and effort going into the external impression that an organisation conjures, are organisations overlooking a significant opportunity – the humble organogram?

For more information on the Organogram read Rob's recent LinkedIn post: The wasted potential of your Organogram.

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