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Zain Arora

Senior Consultant, Supply Chain

Supporting Army Logistics

Zain is a Senior Consultant in our Strategy and Operations Supply Chain practice, specialising in supply chain planning, logistics and governance operating model design. Since joining Deloitte in 2012, he has undertaken projects in the consumer business, financial services, health and defence industries and recently became one of Deloitte’s youngest Senior Consultants.

Recent Projects

As a key member of a small consulting team based in the heart of Army Headquarters, Zain has been instrumental in developing a sophisticated demand-forecasting toolset that supports potential future deployed operations worldwide.

The Army’s withdrawal from long-standing interventions in Afghanistan and Iraq has led to a policy shift to plan for future “Contingent Operations”. Zain was asked to develop a demand-forecasting toolset to assess the stock consumption of such operations.

The work directly affects UK troops on the ground as well as policy-makers within the MoD, and was applied to support the deployment of personnel to contain the Ebola epidemic in Sierra Leone and the deployment of re-assurance forces on exercise to the Poland/Ukraine border.

The toolset has proved its critical value in planning the successful delivery of operational supplies into theatre. From a financial perspective, with increasing pressure on the Armed Forces to grow its military capability despite tightening budgets, the development of a more accurate forecasting toolset has enabled the Army to identify over £500m in cost savings per operation.

“At the Army, my proactive approach and commitment to delivering beyond our client’s requirements has seen my role develop from a supporting function to leading a team in developing a comprehensive demand-forecasting toolset for logistic commodities – food, water, fuel, clothing, medical, chemical warfare protection and ammunition. The scope of the project team has expanded to review the Army’s current inventory management practices to support the rapid deployment of forces.”

Zain has been shortlisted for the Management Consultancies Association’s 2016 Awards in the Young Consultant of the Year category.

“Zain has become an instrumental part of the Army Logistic Policy and Plans team since he joined the project. Zain developed and maintains a tool for demand forecasting that has become critical to the Army’s balance of investment recommendations and operational planning. During his time on the team Zain has responded to short notice requirements with aplomb; he always delivers what is asked when it is needed. On his own initiative, Zain has continued to develop the tool to incorporate further functionality. He leads a team of two other consultants, managing their integration and development within the joint working team.

What is most impressive is Zain’s attitude; he is always positive, flexible and undaunted by anything. Regardless of the size of the task, Zain will develop and deliver the plan with output of the highest quality. It has been a pleasure to have Zain working with the team.”

Colonel Nigel Allison, Army Logistic Policy and Plans team

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