Imagine, Deliver and Run

Our delivery methodology enables us to future-proof our clients’ business 

Anaplan as a tool can be utilised at all levels of the organisation, from bottom-up budgeting for operational planning, to group-led modelling for strategic planning.

Deloitte has developed a robust delivery methodology based on our expertise as Anaplan’s #1 Global Partner. Our investment in the development of tools, accelerators and methodologies have delivered in highly successful client projects. Our successful implementation methodologies enable organisations to transform end-to-end and drive tangible benefits.

Imagine – We help our clients imagine the future of their finance function, define their ambitions and chart a path to success by developing a roadmap to achieve those ambitions at our Connected Planning Labs.

Deliver – Deloitte have been able to provide these services to all our clients, across all our industries by utilising our in-depth functional and industry knowledge to assist organisations in transforming planning across their functions to become more connected. 

Run – We work with our clients to deliver a solution that will run and support you with the transition. On top of that, we provide hyper-care which includes 24/7 support of the solution.

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