Integrating platforms to better orchestrate business performance

Anaplan's "Connected Planning" platform is an agile and secure cloud-based environment used to optimise planning and improve decision making across all lines of business and business activities, from strategic to operational levels.

Using the Anaplan platform, an organisation can connect to the data sources of existing enterprise platforms so executives can get a complete picture of their data across business units in real time to drive faster and more accurate decisions. By integrating with and enhancing enterprise platforms, Anaplan helps maximise efficiencies and optimise back-and-front-office operations, enabling a harmonious Connected Planning landscape. This enables companies to unlock more value from their transformations.

Deloitte is continuously developing solution accelerators to demonstrate how Anaplan can integrate with other enterprise platforms and enable business leaders to imagine where new value can be created and better orchestrate business performance. Within Deloitte's collection of accelerators, there are solutions for each business function, including AI/ML-enabled and industry-specific solutions.

The Anaplan+ ecosystem at a glance:

  • Anaplan+ Salesforce/DigitalMix for Plan-to-Pay: End-to-end sales planning and performance management to deliver faster planning cycles with lower operational expenses and sales costs while supporting revenue growth.
  • Anaplan+ Google Cloud/PrecisionView: Analytics and modelling to enhance forecasting, resource allocation, and response to market opportunities and challenges.
  • Anaplan+ ServiceNow: Consolidated planning connected with workflows to maximize the business value of technology spend a supply chain.
  • Anaplan+ Coupa: Consolidated supply planning and procurement management to optimize the management and agility of a supply chain.
  • Anaplan+ Adobe/Closed-Loop Marketing: Consolidated planning and spending to expedite campaign development, accelerate time-to-market, and improve marketing ROI.

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