Sales Performance

Integrated Sales Transformation for a digitally connected “Plan to Pay” 

Deloitte is a global leader in Sales Transformation covering Go-to-Market Planning, Sales Reporting & Analytics and Quota Management.

Anaplan provides a platform where sales performance planning can deliver top-line and bottom-line results through capabilities such as enhanced transparency and analytical insights.

Thriving in the “New Normal“ requires a paradigm shift. Anaplan takes connected planning capabilities to the next level across sales planning, customer segmentation and quota management. It integrates marketing and finance planning, ultimately improving an organisation's agility and strength across the business.

Anaplan provides sales performance use cases and solutions that improve visibility and drives better business performance in:

  • Sales Planning – Optimising sales planning by territories, quotas and targets, and account segmentation to formulate the Go-To-Market Strategy
  • Sales Insights – Modelling your sales pipeline with opportunities and risks, in order to improve the accuracy of revenue forecasts
  • Connected Planning – Integrating Sales Performance planning with the Finance, Marketing and Supply Chain functions

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