Supply Chain Planning

Enhancing supply chain solutions that are utilised across the Digital Supply Network

Anaplan’s capabilities provide a platform to effectively enable and take Enterprise Business Planning to the next level. Supply Chain is one of the key areas where the transformation journey begins. Anaplan delivers an actionable insights into supply, demand and inventory.

Anaplan provides supply chain use cases and solutions that span across the end-to-end supply chain network. The platform improves visibility and drives better business performance in:

  • Connected Planning – Integrating Supply Chain with the Finance and Commercial functions to enhance Connected Planning, Inventory Business Planning and Sales & Operations Planning.
  • End-to-End Supply Chain Planning – Enabling planning capabilities across Demand, Supply and Inventory. The platform is effective in building scenario planning capabilities, with multi-dimensional scenarios at every scale of your business.
  • Digital Supply Network Solutions – Anaplan allows you to fill gaps with custom solutions built for all parts of the Digital Supply Chain Network e.g. Portfolio Management, Logistics & Warehousing and Sourcing.

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