Workforce Management

Insightful Workforce planning in one place

Anaplan is a powerful platform where large organisations can prepare for the Future of Work by analysing their workforce, tracking performance and identifying future workforce needs.

Anaplan provides a strategic solution that enables large organisations to improve talent, deliver workforce agility and execute business strategies through connected planning.  The COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated change and the Future of Work in a post-pandemic world will see new talent models, the reinvention of jobs and new ways of working. 

Anaplan improves visibility and drives better business performance in:

  • Workforce Planning – an autonomous workforce management system that uses current and historical values to identify workforce trends, streamline the process and elaborate a workforce management plan
  • Talent Strategy – identify skill gaps and deploy talent according to the business strategy, diversity & inclusion strategy and the organisation’s needs while working with functions across the business
  • Compensation Planning – provides a holistic view including equity and rewards, along with recruitment and headcount.

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