Build, Create, Migrate

Disrupt your market without interrupting your business

Architecture, DevOps and engineering services to support migration to Cloud or build of new Cloud-native services, unlocking the intelligence and innovation of GCP for our clients.

Migrating a single application to cloud can seem straightforward. Sometimes it is. But more often, that application’s function is tied to multiple business processes. It may impact your vendors, your balance sheet, your regulatory compliance. Moreover, different stakeholders may have different motives and expectations from your move to cloud. By supplementing Deloitte’s experience and insights with our newly acquired ATAData technology and Google Compute engine, we help our clients achieve the transformative value of cloud.

Deloitte’s discovery engineers employ complex logic and data-driven analysis to rapidly map applications and infrastructure as well as determining the right migration path and landing zone—whether that’s re-hosting, re-platforming, or re-factoring. We help increase speed, quality, and savings by providing a complete and integrated tool chain from discovery through planning and workload migration. ATAData’s market-leading management and automation platform pairs with our extensive teams of code migration specialists to modify or re-architect applications as needed.

Google Compute Engine offers live migration and fast start-up with its virtual machines that run in Google’s data centres and worldwide fiber network. Google offers persistent disk storage for consistent performance, either through predefined sizes or Custom Machine Types.


Stephen Edwards

Stephen Edwards


Stephen leads Deloitte’s Ecosystems & Alliances and is the Director of our Alliance with Google. His focus is helping clients to understand and harness exponential technological and business disruptio... More