Cloud Analytics

Focus on insights, not infrastructure

Helping clients accelerate time to insights with GCP realising the benefits of server-less and integrated analytics services, surpassing conventional limitations on scale, performance, and cost efficiency.

As a recognised global leader in business analytics and business strategy, we are able to help you harness the power of Google Cloud’s array of big data processing and analytics tools—including Google BigQuery, Google Cloud Dataflow, and Google Cloud Dataproc—enabling data-driven insights to empower your business, at speeds and volumes that were previously unimaginable.

Deloitte can help you capture the power of Google Cloud Platform’s big data processing and analytics tools, enabling data-driven insights to help our clients identify actionable insights to solve complex business challenges.

Google has built a complete storage, data and analytics platform, spanning storage, analytics and machine learning that are all integrated and designed to work together. Google Cloud Platform uses the same analytical engines invented and used by Google to help generate insights from the increasing volumes and ever more complex data available in structured and unstructured formats. Google offers:

  • Fully managed, serverless insight
  • Fast queries on Peta-byte scale datasets with BigQuery
  • Spark and Hadoop in the Cloud