Contact Centre Optimisation


Managing an efficient contact centre is incredibly challenging. Contact centres are, by their nature, reactive to customer requests, which can be unpredictable and can change over time. While the sizing of the operation, the people and the shift patterns may have been right when the centre was originally designed, it’s easy for this to fall out of sync with the reality of delivering customer service. New products and services, new channels and customer expectations: things are changing fast. Deloitte can help optimise contact centre performance, using a combination of our powerful analytical tools and our operational expertise and experience.

What’s new?

  • The power of analytics is transformational – we are now able to do much more with contact centre data than ever before, combining sources of information such as customer insight, with operational data, to get a more complete picture of the contact centre;
  • Technology within the contact centre is also enabling a more efficient operation, with work being triaged by artificial intelligence and distributed out to agents without management intervention and realtime analytics providing the insight leadership needs to continually transform.

How we can help

We have a number of tools and methods we use to help with optimising your contact centre, including:

  • Digital Twin – we are able to create a digital twin of your operation to help identify operational and workforce management changes that can be made;
  • TrueVoice is Deloitte’s in-house developed, omnichannel customer interaction analytics software and service proposition for contact centres. One of our clients used it to replace a labour-intensive, subjective and expensive manual call evaluation process. They automated 70% of their Quality Assurance process;
  • Contact centre analytics and benchmarking – we take your operational and customer experience data and combine it utilising our analytics and insight tools to identify tangible improvements;
  • Management and leadership advisory – we have experienced professionals who’ve run contact centres as well as advising on them. We’ll bring you the benefit of this experience, whether through coaching or interim management.

How we’ve helped organisations like yours

  • Global Airline : Through a combination of quick wins intiatives, resource planning and scheduling changes and AHT reduction initiatives, we turned a 23% lost call rate into a 95% answer rate and delivered an AHT reduction of 100 seconds, contributing to an improved cost to service.
  • Travel / Insurance : We worked with one of the leading roadside assistance brands to understand the drivers of inefficiency within the contact centre. We helped them to achieve service level improvements across multiple KPIs and greater workforce productivity through automation and enhanced data utilisation.