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Welcome to the Public Sector Data Leaders Forum.

A unique forum where we bring together a community of Public Sector data leaders to share experiences and facilitate joint development of frameworks and policies.

We collectively use the latest smart data and analytics capabilities to address some of the toughest challenges facing our organisations and our society.


The Public Sector Data Leaders Forum (PS/DLF) is a forum initiated and facilitated by Deloitte to:

  • Create a space dedicated to senior public sector data leaders
  • Discuss and share common data-related challenges
  • Provide a platform to develop and publish digital, data, and analytics solutions that can benefit everyone

Prominent data leaders from public services organisations form the membership, and own and lead the forum. Deloitte facilitate and provide tools, knowledge sharing, market intelligence, and a platform to access and publish to a global network of peers.

The Mission

  • Create a space for senior public sector data leaders to come together and share challenges and thought leadership
  • Provide access to global, cross-industry experts, and collaborate with adjacent forums
  • Share reusable methods, assets, and solutions
  • Publish and promote data-driven decision making and data sharing best practices
  • Develop joint competences for building talent, and data and analytics capabilities

Benefits of membership

Discuss shared industry challenges and possible initiatives. Work with industry peers towards collective development of digital, data, and analytics solutions, frameworks and policies. Access to world-class tools, research, knowledge sharing, and market intelligence. Platform to network and connect with a global network of peers.

The Deloitte Commitment

Deloitte will provide access to our global cross-industry data and analytics knowledge and experience, the infrastructure required, as well as the opportunity to collaborate with other pioneering programmes for senior leaders, such as the Deloitte CIO Forum and the Deloitte Academy.

Public Sector / Data Leaders Forum Quarterly Roundtables

We regularly organise digital forums that see data leaders from key public sector organisations come together to discuss practical steps to increase collaboration, and deliver faster digital transformation.

Platform for developing and sharing your vision

This forum will enable leaders to share details of common data and digital endeavours, be it capability building and talent, business case development, or business process engineering. We will support each member of the forum to share their vision and strategies towards our common data-driven future.

Ongoing data expertise throughout the process

Deloitte will bring in our global cross-industry access to knowledge and experience, the infrastructure required, as well as collaboration with other pioneering programmes, such as the Deloitte CIO Forum and the Deloitte Academy.


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Cross-governmental data sharing

15 Oct 2020

Members discussed the common data sharing challenges faced in the public sector, areas where common solutions can have an impact to improve cross-governmental data sharing, and the benefits of removing these barriers to empower the public sector to provide joined-up citizen services while harnessing the power of advanced analytics and AI. Members discussed where and how this has been done successfully in other countries and industries, and agreed practical, implementable solutions to take this forward in the Data Sharing Working Group.

Previous Topic

Co-Op data and analytics capability building in the public sector

15 Oct 2020

Members discussed common challenges with finding, building and maintaining data and analytics skills and capabilities in the public sector, and how a co-operative model might help address the scarcity and challenges around finding the right data and analytics talent. Members built a vision for a inter-government co-operative approach, defined how this would work in practice, defined operational and functional priorities, and agreed next steps for the Co-Op Working Group.

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21 Jan 2021

Members discussed the various ways the benefits of data and analytics projects are currently articulated, and how to best define data value in terms of value delivered to the public. Members agreed to align on common definitions and data capabilities / benefit statements, as well as sharing learnings from previous data projects.

Upcoming Event

22 Apr 2021

Proposed Agenda

Update on the three streams of work underway around cross-government data sharing, establishing a co-operative model to build data and analytics talent, and Datanomics: consistently expressing and measuring the value of data and analytics

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