Deloitte Pensions Lab

A multi-disciplinary interactive pension workshop to help employers and trustees test their existing funding and investment strategy and explore whether alternative approaches might better meet both parties’ objectives.

What is it?

The Deloitte Pensions Lab brings together experts from across Deloitte in a flexible and interactive workshop setting to explore with employers and trustees in real-time how their pension scheme would respond to a range of future economic and demographic scenarios.

How does it work?

We use market leading scenario modelling software which will be loaded with your scheme details in advance. Overlaid with insights from our experienced and multi-disciplined team of pension consultants, this allows you to make better informed decisions, helping align pensions strategy with their broader corporate strategy. It will also help employers to understand and manage pensions risk, work together with their scheme’s trustees and capitalise on future opportunities.

Why now?

Equity market falls and increases in bond prices are likely to result in an increase in funding requirements when schemes next undergo a formal actuarial valuation. This increase in funding will, for some schemes, be exacerbated by the pending regulatory regime change. The chart on the right shows how potential actions (quantified by the grey bars) can be used to offset a potential threefold increase in contributions (green bars) for a sample £100m pension scheme.