Digital Forum

The concept of crowdsourcing has proven a powerful means of realising value in an increasingly digital economy. The Digital Forum has been born from a combination of Deloitte’s intellectual property, the ‘As One’ concept and the collaboration tool ThinkTank.

The Digital Forum is an initiative that embeds Deloitte processes and frameworks within ThinkTank – an online collaboration platform – to support Deloitte engagements. By harnessing the power of buy-in through collaboration and crowdsourcing, users of the Forum can expect to drive innovation and problem solving.

The Digital Forum has already been used on large scale engagements across industries. It has proven instrumental in building relationships within clients, and providing scope for follow-up interactions with the platform serving as a data repository. This can then be mined for insight using our Analytics capabilities.

An introduction to the Digital Forum…

Why Digital Forum?

Companies are increasingly looking to enhance their business performance through digital means. ThinkTank, a next-generation online collaboration tool has been successfully used by Deloitte for workshops, stakeholder engagement and collaboration – both real time and over several days and weeks. Digital Forum builds on this successful tool, offering specific propositions based on Deloitte thinking to generate further value for our clients.

The tool can be accessed via laptops, tablets and mobile phones, only requiring an internet connection. This means users can log in remotely and contribute input in their own time, as well as seeing other users’ contributions. Anonymity is another powerful feature of the tool, which allows for greater inclusion and transparency to get to the heart of the engagement more effectively.

Benefits to clients

  • Structured framework using Deloitte thinking for tackling business problems 
  • Effective crowdsourcing of ideas to drive innovation and problem solving
  • Real-time feedback and outputs to generate rapid insights
  • Safe environment for participants to express and share their views

Case study: Process Excellence at Top 10 global Pharmaceutical firm

Using Digital Forum, Deloitte was able to run a diagnostic process with an entire division of 250 people in the space of a week.

The client has since used the Digital Forum concept on several engagements, realising its major benefits over more conventional workshops and interviews.

Case study: Digital Strategy for global TMT organisation

A global industry body needed to drive consensus amongst its members in the formulation of a new strategy.

Digital Forum was used with a wide group of stakeholders to build alignment. 15-20 companies, based across the globe, contributed their views (over a week and in live workshops), agreeing on outcomes and next steps.