Digital Service


Being able to interact digitally with organisations over a variety of devices has become a basic expectation for customers. It’s surprising, however, how many organisations are still driving customers to call them, rather than offering the right digital service tools. Digital interaction isn’t just convenient for the customer, it can help the organisation deliver much higher levels of self-service, whether this is through a well-designed online portal, a customer service mobile app, advanced natural language IVR (automated telephony) or a chat and messaging channel with built in chatbot capability.

What’s new?

  • Chatbot technology is advancing rapidly, helping deliver interactive self-service across both voice and chat / messaging channels;
  • Software vendors are increasingly building customer portals into their offering, providing the potential for customers to have access to the same resolution processes as the agents within the organisation do. This is reducing the barriers to self-service considerably;
  • Organisations are increasingly ‘going where the customer is’ when it comes to channel. Right now, this means personal messaging channels like WhatsApp and messenger, rather than chat windows that only appear on an organisation’s website;
  • Mobile ready websites and useful mobile apps are still great ways of the customer reaching your organisation, but they have to be well designed and grounded in what the customer needs if they are going to be searched for or downloaded.

How we can help

  • We have teams who specialise in designing and building digital products, CRM applications and customer interaction channels. We’ve done this for some of the largest organisations globally, but also for smaller, niche operations;
  • Our Deloitte Digital team help you Imagine, Deliver and Run these technologies, working with you at the vision stage, delivering early wireframes and prototypes and then moving into implementation;
  • All of our services are grounded in service design thinking, using the customer journey and experience to define the right tools and build them.

How we’ve helped organisations like yours

  • Manufacturing company : We designed and built the central hub for B2B customers and partners to access information about their products, raise service requests and interact with the organisation, utilising one of the leading CRM vendors technologies.
  • Housing association : We designed the resident portal for this housing association around the principle that anything the agent could do, the customer could too. Underpinning this was the operating model, process and systems change to make the core processes run smoothly.