Google Cloud Security

Security at the core

Google Cloud’s infrastructure is designed, built, and operated with rigorous attention to security. Deloitte has spent decades helping clients protect their businesses from security threats. Together, we can help you move securely to the cloud.

Deloitte’s industry-leading Cyber Risk Services help organisations address information and technology risks, such as cyber security, data leakage, identity and access management, and data security.

All products at Google, including Cloud Platform, are built with security as a core design and development requirement. Security is an end-to-end process, Google owned beginning to end. Google was the first major cloud provider to enable HTTPS/TLS by default, and remains at the forefront of security design and monitoring.

Key contacts

Stephen Edwards

Stephen Edwards


Stephen leads Deloitte’s Ecosystems & Alliances and is the Director of our Alliance with Google. His focus is helping clients to understand and harness exponential technological and business disruptio... More