Innovate through industry solutions

Deloitte’s deep industry experience and leading cloud transformation practices, empower us to identify where transformation, fuelled by cloud, can achieve the fastest path to value. Together with AWS, we have c-created proven solutions to help our clients transform industries, innovate faster and grow ahead of the curve.

Healthcare & Life Sciences

Deloitte ConvergeHEALTH Miner on AWS

ConvergeHEALTH Miner™ empowers life sciences organizations to drive health care’s transformation toward value-based, personalized medicine by applying integrated cloud-based analytics, knowledge management, and collaboration tools that utilize evidence to inform product design and improve patient care. Learn more about the real-world evidence collaboration platform for life sciences organizations.

Financial Services


To keep pace with a rapidly changing environment, you may find you need to transform your core operating systems—and quickly. Deloitte’s InsurCloud meets your transformation needs with a suite of customizable features and a prebuilt accelerator designed specifically for the local insurance market.

Learn more about the modern solution for insurance carriers, designed for the insurance industry

Explore the AWS features and benefits leveraged by the InsurCloud

Alpha Platform

The next wave of digital disruption is here. Ride the change with the Alpha platform. Whether you’re looking to build from scratch, launch a new proposition, or shake up a legacy system. Alpha is the digital banking platform and transformation accelerator that gives you everything you need to launch new propositions, fast.

Learn more about how Alpha Platform can help you launch distinctive banking experiences faster.


Smart Factory Fabric

Smart factories address daily production execution and connect to an organization’s digital supply network, driving increased value both within and beyond the four walls of the factory. Smart Factory Fabric is a preconfigured suite of cloud-based IoT applications built on AWS designed to accelerate smart factory transformations across the enterprise, customizable to meet your unique needs. Read the press release.

Learn more about Smart Factory Fabric on AWS



Behaviour and emotion analytics to transform your contact centre. When you’re
running a contact centre, every customer call matters – but without face to
face interaction it’s easy to miss half the conversation. That’s why we
developed TrueVoice – to give you the full picture.

Learn more about how you can analyse all your customer interactions to help you make the right call.