Insight Driven Organisation (IDO)

15% of Deloitte’s recently surveyed Insight Driven Organisation survey1 respondents already have a Chief Data Officer or a Chief Analytics Officer, with another staggering 40% identifying strong analytics ownership at an individual business unit head level.

In a vastly more volatile, uncertain and complex world, experience and intuition are valuable - but insufficient. Organisations are beginning to recognise that generating valuable data-driven insights is now critical to inform decision making.

As a result, almost 80 per cent of companies are currently implementing, planning to implement, or likely to implement data-driven projects within the next 12 months.2

What is an Insight Driven Organisation?

An Insight Driven Organisation (IDO) is one which has succeeded in embedding analysis, data and reasoning into its decision making processes. Yet an IDO’s capability goes far beyond technology considerations – it takes into account strategic alignment, talent and leadership, business processes and the entire information lifecycle and systems associated with it to elevate the effective generation and application of insights in all areas of the enterprise. They see analytics as a core capability across their organisation rather than as a project with a start and end date. It:

Asks the right questions by:

  • understanding the value of analytics
  • ensuring that the analytics vision aligns to and supports corporate goals and objectives
  • prioritising initiatives appropriately
  • organising for ongoing success

Does the right analysis by:

  • building a team with the right balance of business and technical skills to deliver actionable business insights
  • incorporating structured, unstructured, internal and external data for insights everywhere
  • ensuring that data and analysis is accurate, trusted and assured
  • developing a repeatable process to test and industrialise analytics
  • constructing a scalable technical capability

Takes the right actions by:

  • evolving a culture of asking crunchy questions and addressing cognitive bias
  • leveraging digital transformation to ensure insights are visual and intuitive
  • redesigning processes and operations to act on analytical insights

The Insight Driven Organisation survey
Becoming an Insight Driven Organisation can be challenging. Are you asking the right questions of your data? Do you use analytical insights to make well-rounded and effective decisions? How can you use data to gain a competitive advantage?

Read our report here to find out what business challenges our clients are facing, their upcoming priorities, and what the future holds for them and their data.

Our IDO Labs

We offer a unique approach to help you create and implement a successful analytics strategy through our full-day interactive workshops. The aim of these is to develop one coherent vision and a comprehensive tactical implementation plan to embed data-driven decision making into the fabric of the organisation.

In an IDO Lab, we work together to co-author the foundations of your analytics capabilities and the value proposition to the wider business. This includes defining the services, organisational structure and approach needed to enable your organisation to become insight-driven.

Our sessions are highly interactive and help evaluate where and how analytics insights can be adopted to solve business challenges, leaving organisations with clear direction to pursue analytics. Through a series of exercises and discussions, we focus on:

  • Understanding IDO
  • Vision and Strategy
  • Prioritised Delivery
  • Shape & Governance
  • Build & Scale

The IDO approach and methodology is based on our experience embedding analytics capabilities in our own organisation worldwide, as well as those of our clients. The Lab methodology was designed using the latest science on how we best learn and interact in group settings and combines expert facilitation, deep subject matter expertise and design thinking to maximise idea generation and consensus.

1 Insight Driven Organisation survey – read more here.
2 Marr, B., Forbes: Big Data, [website], 2015, (accessed 02/03/2017).

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