Insight-Driven Performance

Our perspective on the future of Enterprise Performance Management

Effective decision-making is fundamental to realising success for any organisation. The ongoing practice of making effective decisions in pursuit of strategic and operational goals is known as ‘Enterprise Performance Management (EPM)’. As a global leader in EPM, we have helped our clients to pioneer and shape its leading practice. Our view of the future of EPM is ‘Insight-Driven Performance’.

What is Insight-Driven Performance?

Insight-Driven Performance is the industrialised generation of insights within an organisation, to make informed decisions reliably and repeatedly across all of its levels and functions in pursuit of its strategic ambitions.

The components of Insight-Driven Performance

Insight-Driven Performance depends on eight core components to realise enterprise value and iteratively improve.

The maturity and effectiveness of an organisation will vary across the different components, but seeking to understand, assess and selectively improve the maturity and effectiveness of the different components is a vital step for any organisation seeking to optimise its decision-making.

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Effective Steering prioritises the appropriate KPIs and key business questions for the organisation and establishes clear accountability for the different elements of performance.
Planning directly supports insight solutions by providing scenario analysis and a true understanding of the different drivers that can influence future business performance.
Insight Solutions
'Insight Solutions' are the reporting and analytics tools which an organisation uses to make information available to decision makers to help generate insight.
Rituals and Routines
Rituals and routines are the elements of culture which an organisation can leverage to influence the management of performance.
End-to-End Data
How the organisation sources, ingests, manages and governs internal and external data determines how effectively and efficiently it can generate insights.
Next-Gen Tech
The field of new and emerging technologies which enable organisations to generate insight in novel and previously inaccessible ways.
Talent and Teaming
How an organisations structures itself, its teams and people to enable effective performance management.
Ownership and Oversight
The way an organisation governs the components of performance management to assure and continuously improve its approach.

Our 2030 predictions

Predictions unavoidably carry with them a degree of uncertainty. One thing we know to be true today and that will remain true in the future, is that effective decision-making is the fundamental ingredient that enables organisations to consistently create value and achieve organic growth. 

Whilst Insight-Driven Performance is something that your organisation can aspire to achieve today, we consider it our job to anticipate how it will evolve in the future, and what the role of Finance will be as part of that evolution.

Read our five predictions for Insight-Driven Performance in 2030 at a glance below, and explore them in further detail via our paper.

2030 Predictions

Learn more about our 2030 predictions in our in-depth paper.

The new performance cycle

Performance management is a continuous cycle of choosing, doing and learning across the full value chain

Moving from 'Pull' to 'Push'

Seamless access to all enterprise information is the status quo, but the 'pull' for self-serve has evolved to a 'push' of personalised, dynamic insights

The role of dialogue vs data

Quality of dialogue is more of a limiting factor to effective decision making than quality of data

The new fuel of decision making

The decision-making engine of an organisation no longer runs on descriptive reporting. It has been converted to run on the fuel of predictive and prescriptive analytics

Speed to insight and action is what matters most

Automation and integration of enabling processes is ubiquitous; speed to quality insight and informed action is the only way to create market-breaking competitive advantage

Insight-Driven Performance Labs

What is the lab?

The lab introduces, explores and reflects on the eight core components of Insight-Driven Performance, utilising leading practice, case studies, videos and demos from across different industries.

Our clients use the lab to explore and align around their own ambitions for making their enterprise performance management more insight-driven.

How does it feel?

Inspiring, immersive and innovative – the lab can be run fully in-person at our state of the art greenhouse facility in London – a truly creative and collaborative space that brings the topics to life in fun, interactive and horizon-expanding ways.

Who should participate?

The lab is particularly suited to participation from senior members of a finance team – typically the FLT and other Finance leaders focused on FP&A and Performance Management.

The lab is also a great way to foster collaboration between Finance and its colleagues from Strategy, Commercial, Marketing, Operations and IT functions.

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