Intelligent Automation and AI


The operation and effectiveness of contact centres and customer service functions are by nature, directly related to customer perception and loyalty to a brand. These are paramount to the performance of the business. These functions rely on the skill, expertise and human touch of the contact operators. However, due to a shift in customer behaviour and the prevalence of digital interactions, there are often opportunities for intelligent automation and AI to improve the efficiency of contact centres whilst maintaining the same level of service that customers deserve.

What’s new?

  • Commercially available solutions understand conversations by building models from scratch every time using client specific training data such as call centre transcripts. There are many pre-trained models developed by the data science community that are yet to debut in mainstream products due to the unpredictability of the results. Some start-ups in this space are tackling this challenge precisely to be able to unleash the power of models trained on billions of conversations;
  • There has been a surge in enterprise software companies launching their own proprietary AI products. These solutions benefit from easy access to enterprise data but whether they perform over and above more established AI products on the market is to be debated;
  • Cloud platforms such as AWS and GCP now have enterprise ready contact centre AI product suites that use their own proprietary AI to understand customer interactions. It can perform analytics on conversation data to uncover customer behaviour insights, recommend resolutions and integrate with live chat messaging and telephony platforms such as Twilio and Genesys.

How we can help

At Deloitte we rely on our industry experience and the knowledge of our AI experts to help unravel the complex and busy marketplace of AI offerings and products. We listen to the unique challenges faced by your organisation and work with you to design the optimum solution that meets both short- and long-term strategic needs. We offer a breadth of services across the whole AI development lifecycle as well as post-implementation scaling strategy to help you get the most value out of an existing solution.