Investment Services

Our investment specialists work with pension scheme trustees and sponsoring employers on developing, implementing and monitoring investment strategies.

Defined Benefit

An effective investment strategy is essential for the provision of benefits for defined benefit scheme members. Our investment services team believes in designing tailored solutions to meet the unique requirements of individual pension schemes and their key stakeholders.

  • Trustee Advisory – acting as ongoing investment advisors to scheme trustees enhancing, implementing and monitoring their investment strategies.
  • Corporate Advisory – undertaking investment strategy reviews on behalf of scheme sponsors and playing a key role in the design of efficient and appropriate de-risking strategies. 
  • Deloitte Pensions Master Plan – providing investment services to pension scheme trustees through the Deloitte Pensions Master Plan.

Defined Contribution

Our investment services team can help scheme trustees and sponsoring employers to design appropriate defined contribution offerings. With the increased flexible available to individuals at retirement it is important that these offerings provide members with the appropriate tools to design an investment portfolio which meets their specific needs.

  • Default strategy design – assist the trustees with the design and monitoring of the default fund and fund range. This could be on behalf of Trustees or the corporate sponsor
  • Governance – working with trustees or a governance committee to monitor the performance of selected funds and the continuing appropriateness of the fund choices available to members.

M&A and Transactions

Pensions are often a key issue on corporate transactions. The investment services team play a key role in helping buyers and sellers understand the nature and scale of future pensions and benefits obligations and the options available to manage these including:

  • Buyer and seller due diligence – reviews of investment strategy to identify key risks.
  • Post transaction implementation – supporting buyers and sellers after the transaction where there is a need to integrate pensions within an overall corporate risk budget.

Investment Market Research

Core to are offering is our ability to understand investment markets.

  • Quarterly Capital Markets Outlook – our views on the relative attractiveness of core asset classes
  • New investment opportunities – using our knowledge of investment markets to highlight new investment opportunities and the investment managers and products capable of taking advantage of these opportunities.
  • Monitoring investment managers – ensuring that investment managers continue to manage our clients’ money in a manner consistent with their stated objectives and investment process. Highlighting those managers who are underperforming and understanding the reasons for any poor performance.
  • Investment manager process reviews – working with the pension scheme to review the processes and procedures applied by its investment managers in the delivery of services.

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Regulated Investment Services are provided by Deloitte Total Reward and Benefits Limited, a subsidiary of Deloitte LLP that is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority

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