IT Transformation and agility with Cloud

Transform your technology services to deliver the agility your business requires. Deloitte brings experience, to enable cloud adoption including our template cloud architectures, establishing and running ‘cloud centres of excellence’, and tools in delivering cloud migration for user-centric workplace and collaboration deployments, as well as transforming your network connectivity for the Cloud.


IT transformation underpinned by Cloud has the potential to deliver agility, foster innovation and remove technical debt. In our opinion transformation is an iterative approach – to an understood goal, a future way of working enabled by cloud services, delivering discernible business benefit along the way.

Key elements of a transformation include cloud migration & adoption, workplace and collaboration, cloud connectivity and Cloud operating model.

Cloud migration & adoption

Your migration to Cloud represents a rare opportunity to re-imagine the way that technology can unlock corporate strategy. Striking the right balance to: embrace agility without compromising security, increase migration pace but not the risk of disruption, and enable transformation without reducing speed of execution; requires a particular combination of technology and business know-how. That’s why you should have migration partners who understand the dynamics of your business, and can help you identify and capitalise on opportunities along your cloud migration journey.

Our business centric approach to migration planning minimises disruption to business operations, whilst industrialised infrastructure based methods make execution highly predictable. We understand that migrations are no longer exclusively ‘technology’ projects – moving to cloud requires organisations to re-think Security, Finance, Operations - recognising and tuning the migration early to bring key stakeholders on the cloud migration journey is essential to enabling scale and pace.

There are three broad services we offer:

  1. Readiness assessments:
    Structured assessment of IT maturity, review of migration approach, landing zone and migration tooling assessment, and supplier readiness.
  2. Migration services & migration factory:
    Workload migration planning, execution, management services to support the transition of custom solutions between hosting environments, technology architecture, and engineering services to support a workload upgrade.
  3. Application modernisation & remediation:
    Application analysis, architecture design, and modification services to meet enterprise architecture and infrastructure goals in an application’s transition to cloud.

Workplace and collaboration services

Our workplace team is well established in the market and has extensive experience of helping clients with transformations across a breadth of workplace and collaboration domains, especially in end user technology transformations.

Our user-centred approach and mind-set, coupled with our technical capabilities enable us to manage technically sound programmes tailored to the organisation’s needs and with a key focus on user experience, business change and adoption which can elevate a technical project into an enabler for a number of business outcomes.

Our current client portfolio includes wide range of clients across private, public and FS sectors.

Cloud connectivity

Connectivity is more than just providing enough bandwidth. To meet the demands of digital transformation and cloud adoption, the enterprise connectivity of the future needs to be ubiquitous, scalable, seamless, secure, customisable, performant and cost effective…..or simply very smart indeed.

With CAGR (compound annual growth rate) of >20%, continual evolution to meet bandwidth demand is important. Of greatest criticality however, is transforming the foundations of your connectivity approach to provide both the functionality and the agility to deliver exponential connectivity needs of users, things and applications on a global scale.

Our team of connectivity and communications specialists leverage their experience of delivering advanced, agile and cost optimised connectivity services pan-sector, demonstrating an ability to think beyond the technology to deliver a differentiated connectivity service to deliver the breadth of enterprise requirements.

Within cloud connectivity we offer four main areas of focus:

  • Cloud connectivity strategy & design:
    Developing a strategy and supporting architecture for the full breadth of cloud connectivity services which considers relevant technologies and market trends, and supports the business objectives in a manner which is both cost and operationally effective.
  • SDN transformation & adoption:
    Supporting and initiating complex cloud connectivity transformation programmes, managing supplier and client teams and providing assurance for the delivery of the stated programme outcomes.
  • Service diagnostic & optimisation:
    From assessing an underperforming service to reviewing the current operating model we assist our clients to pinpoint the current issues and structure an appropriate improvement plan, which takes advantage of relevant aspects of industry good practice.

Cloud operating model

The question of cloud or not has passed. Now the question is how to manage cloud. Deloitte has taken the lead in creating an operating model for Cloud. It is how to organise, operate and optimise your cloud to deliver Business Values. The Operating Model underpins the core problem for clients by implementing Cloud Centre of Excellence (CCoE) on core pillars of:

  1. Engaging with the teams to capture demand
  2. Building a roadmap of cloud capability based on the priorities 
  3. Having the right controls in place along with transparency to protect the business 
  4. Build the right guardrails to enable builders to innovate 

Having CCoE enables technical resources within the business teams to achieve their goals and enable them to go to market quicker. It sets standards and best practices to ensure Cloud platform is risk free and cost effective.

Whether the need is to develop an emerging business need, to create and implement a CCoE, or whether guidance and turn-around of an existing CCoE is required, Deloitte have provided successful outcomes in all circumstances.

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