Modern Operating Model Design


Getting the right operating model in place underpins both the customer experience you want to deliver and the cost efficiency of how you deliver it. Traditionally, customer service has been centred on large physical contact centres, often disconnected from other parts of the business and with limited capacity to fully resolve customer requests. This model is being turned on its head, with technology helping organisations tap into new sources of labour, whether in the home or even on the move. Alongside this, better automation is releasing agents from the burden of managing process, allowing them to deliver the value-adding experience your customers expect.

What’s new?

  • The global pandemic has forced the issue of homeworking for many organisations, moving them 2-3 years forward on their strategic plan;
  • Intelligent automation is already delivering the lower value interactions and processes that humans used to be tasked with doing, creating a new place for people within the contact centre;
  • All of this is underpinned by cloud platforms which either build in or access via microservices, powerful AI and technology capabilities;
  • Organisations are now able to move away from big, siloed service teams, to smaller more agile support teams, focussed on the customer rather than the process.

How we can help

  • Our modern operating model design method is built around the customer and agent experience, using customer journeys and experience design as the framework for understanding the things you need to do as an organisation and the constraints you have in doing them;
  • We use our capability maturity assessments to understand how well you are delivering each of the things you need to do and the scope for improvement;
  • We are then able to look at the different functions within the organisation to see how best you could bring them together or simplify them to deliver a more efficient and effective customer journey, bringing our experience from organisations across multiple sectors;
  • Finally, our technology team can use the business capability view and the work we do with your agents to understand how well your systems are supporting the customer experience and what changes might be needed, developing a solution architecture to support the business;
  • We are able to deliver process change, role definition, organisation design and roadmap planning to support the transition to the new operating model.

How we’ve helped organisations like yours

  • Global beauty brand : We helped our client consolidate a set of fragmented customer service teams across Europe into a single service centre with new technology supporting a greenfield set up. We also worked with the client to understand how to link retail operations into the service centre.
  • Housing association : We delivered operating model transformation for our client, bringing together multiple teams through technology-enabled multi-skilling and targeting a 50% reduction in inbound contact through automation and digital self-service.