Motion-E Suite of Apps

Asset Toolset

Planner Toolset

Controller Toolset

Based on AI and Simulation technologies, Motion-E is a comprehensive digital platform which addresses the main challenges of the transportation sector by providing all functions within an organisation – from timetable planners, traffic controllers to asset managers – the tools to de-scale risk, reduce expenditure and run a more timely and efficient network.

Asset Insights

Assesses the operational impact of the failures of critical assets and track segments, enabling asset managers to shift from scheduled to selective maintenance of critical assets

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Asset Foresight

Predicts with high levels of accuracy, potential asset failures to prompt pre-emptive maintenance and avoid incidents occurrence

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Timetable Analytics

Analyses, investigates, and identifies opportunities where timetables can be improved, empowering planners to design an optimal timetable

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Timetable Simulator

A near real-world simulation environment for stresstesting timetables to identify potential problems before deployment

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A decision support system harnessing the power of 3D visualisation to enable informed decisions`


A 3D player that gives a 360° augmented replay of any moment of any train journey on the network, allowing user to zoom in and out

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An overlay that uses advanced pattern recognition techniques to visualise implemented recovery strategies, allowing for a deeper understanding and review of past actions

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An AI-powered recommendation engine that provides the most optimal recovery strategy for different indicators, enhancing decision-making power for controllers

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The underpinning Unified Data Model

Our Unified Data System consolidates data from disparate data sources, allowing our stakeholders to identify the integrating factors and the recurring patterns in the different areas of the business as well as to store the unified data in a common data repository within a coherent ecosystem.

By providing a common storage-base where data across different applications of an organization is transformed, not only we drive interdepartmental cooperation but also enable clients to make strategic decisions based on an all-inclusive approach to data within the company. In our UDM platform ecosystem, data governance processes work in cohesion to retrieve the maximum business insights, drive organizational transformation and regulatory compliance through enterprise-wide data assets.

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