Simulation & Digital Twin

An efficient virtual interaction layer that empowers users to safely experiment and stress test scenarios to make data driven decisions before application in the real world.


Suite of machine learning algorithms pre-trained on real world data.


The infinitely scalable infrastructure solution that gives the organisations all the benefits of the most advanced technical tools while freeing them from from the complex challenge of building and maintaining them

Big Data

The accumulation and instant availability of vast amounts of data stored in secure cloud infrastructure.

Motion Simulator Suite of Apps

Digital Simulation Engine

Digital-twin virtual environment enabling organisations to explore limitless what-if scenarios, inspect every aspect of the outcome and utilise AI to compute the most optimal decisions.

Asset Analytics Engine

Utilising AI identifies the criticality of each asset and predicting its condition based on a combination of utilisation, operational and inspection data

Unified Data Model

UDM integrates multiple datasets into a single cross-linked data source and is the prerequisite for powerful analytics and simulation tools.

Increase the certainty of predicted outcomes or improvement programmes when making investment decisions

Stress test proposed timetable changes and enable rapid iterative timetable design.

Use AI to make mathematically optimal decisions for network management and recovery.

Prioritise maintenance and inspection efforts based on the criticality of each asset.

Visualise the capacity and resource outcomes of proposed upgrades or improvements to ensure RoI

Increase future readiness by playing out possible scenarios of fluctuating demand and capacity.

Identify critical points of failure that could cause significant disruption and focus on inspection and maintenance efforts.

Enable buildings or events organisers to restart operations while complying with emerging distancing rules. Use simulation to ensure safety and maximise efficiency.

Simulate and plan safe reopening of venues under different safety requirements


Unified Data Model

Our Unified Data System consolidates data from disparate data sources, allowing our stakeholders to identify the integrating factors and the recurring patterns in the different areas of the business as well as to store the unified data in a common data repository within a coherent ecosystem.

By providing a common storage-base where data across different applications of an organization is transformed, not only we drive interdepartmental cooperation but also enable clients to make strategic decisions based on an all-inclusive approach to data within the company. In our UDM platform ecosystem, data governance processes work in cohesion to retrieve the maximum business insights, drive organizational transformation and regulatory compliance through enterprise-wide data assets.

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