Life Sciences R&D and Regulatory Advisory Services

Achieving operations excellence

Deloitte is helping life sciences companies respond to the challenging global economic environment by working with them to transform their core operational platforms for new product development and management – to achieve more, with less, and faster.

Helping to deliver improved returns on your R&D investment

As we work alongside our clients in their continued drive to achieve operations excellence in the business of science, we help them to:

  • Access the best science – through novel business models that promote networked R&D;
  • Reduce the cost of success – by reducing fixed costs in favour of m0re efficient variable costs, and
    enhancing governance and decision making;
  • Enhance operating income – delivering large scale change across Finance, Procurement and IT to sustain and improve operating income;
  • Develop compelling payer propositions – by collaborating with healthcare providers to identify opportunities to improve diagnostic and care pathways through real world evidence;
  • Safeguard licence to operate – helping organisations stay at the forefront of changing regulatory, safety and compliance requirements.
R&D and Regulatory Advisory Services to the Pharmaceutical Industry

Designing and implementing strategic change

Executable strategy to realise your vision

R&D leadership continues to be challenged by increasing costs and low returns, but we see new strategies and operating models emerging to counter this trend.

Deloitte's 2014 analysis of R&D returns examines the investments and rewards for a cohort of large pharmaceutical innovators. It also identifies strategies to improve returns against key value levers, which we have observed in both pharmaceutical companies and those focussed on other industries. These include: 

  • increasing product value through innovation investments, therapy area focus and project team choices;
  • lowering cycle time by using improved governance, investment and new decision tools;
  • reducing costs by challenging the overall R&D spend, reducing the cost of failure and enhancing investment choices both in infrastructure (facilities and labour) and project based activities.

Key contact: Colin Terry


"The Deloitte team were fast to pick up the topics and issues and to generate solutions. The team were also very flexible in responding to changing priorities and needs."

Delivering R&D productivity improvement

Proactive change to deliver tomorrow’s innovation

The average cost of developing a pharmaceutical product has risen to approximately $1.4 billion, yet the commercial value has not increased. Our 2014 analysis of R&D returns points to a modest increase in pipeline valuations, reversing the trend of declining returns.

Despite these pointers to an upturn in productivity, we anticipate that R&D leaders will remain under pressure to demonstrate prudent use of shareholder funds. For example, Heads of R&D will be expected to liberate budget through productivity  improvements in order to fund and develop an expanding pipeline of promising compounds. Developing more science, with less capital, and faster, will remain business as usual for the medium term.

Our Target Operating Model (TOM) and methodology provides you with a clear representation of how the various components of your organisation can be configured and operate together to execute your strategy.

Learn more about our 2016 benchmarking study on R&D returns

Key contact: Julian Remnant


"Deloitte provided real challenge to our thinking. We are now building a stronger organisation and operating model with your insights and findings."

Safeguarding your licence to operate

Acclimating to the changing regulatory and risk environment

Pharmaceutical companies and their staff are under more legislated responsibility than ever before. We work in partnership with our clients to optimise end-to-end regulatory activities and apply innovative solutions to improve quality and compliance.

We believe in a proactive approach to regulatory change through a quality by design approach. This supports a reduction in the costs of remediation and potential fines whilst enabling our clients to stay ahead of the legislation and maintain the necessary licence to operate.

We help the world’s largest pharmaceutical companies to transform, optimise and effectively run compliant business.

Key contact: David Nestor


"Your expertise in the field, experience on similar projects in other big pharma companies and pragmatic approach helped our team deliver a sound information management strategy and implementation plan."

Key contact

Julian Remnant

Julian Remnant


Julian is a Partner in our Life Sciences practice with more than 25 years of consulting experience, of which 20 years in life sciences and secondary healthcare. He leads our R&D advisory practice acro... More

David Nestor

David Nestor


Dave has more than 20 years experience in Life Sciences industry who leads the R&D regulatory proposition for consulting. With a background in regulatory and drug safety/pharmacovigilance he has led h... More

Colin Terry

Colin Terry


Colin is a Partner in our Life Sciences practice. He has been with Deloitte since 2011 working in the US firm, until 2014 when he moved to the UK practice. Colin’s client advisory work in the Life Sci... More