Robotic & Intelligent Automation (R&IA) scaling lab

What is the R&IA Scaling Lab?

The scaling lab is an immersive, full day collaborative and interactive session that explores the ‘art of the possible’, engages with key capabilities required to scale, and ignites momentum behind automation.

What problem does it solve?

68% of our clients have implemented automations, yet only 4% have achieved scale limited by barriers such as mindset, goals, value, ownership, readiness and momentum.

What are the outcomes for you?

To help you overcome your barriers to scaling by articulating your vision for R&IA, exploring the foundational capabilities required to scale, and defining a clear roadmap to achieve scale.

Who should attend the lab?

For your Lab to be successful, it should be attended by senior executives from across your business units, existing automation experts, and representatives from IT.

The robots are waiting

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Key contacts

Justin Watson

Justin Watson


Justin is the global leader of Deloitte’s intelligent automation business. His goal is to help clients to safely adopt adaptive, self-aware processes through the application of automation, analytics a... More