How is digital impacting you and your business? The next Deloitte Consumer Review is coming end of March!

Our fourth annual Digital Predictions will explore which emerging digital technology trends will accelerate disruption in the consumer market in 2017.

As we prepare to explore this year’s predictions, we look back at 2016. How good a job did we do at predicting the big technological disruptions of 2016?

One of our 2016 prediction’s was that cognitive technology may be set to drive a customer service revolution. It would have been difficult to not get this one right! From electrical appliances that turn on when their owners tell them to via an app, to make-up apps that help consumers choose the right shade using facial recognition, cognitive technologies have already changed the way businesses interact with their customers. One of the big hit this Christmas was the Amazon Echo, a voice activated speaker which can be used for anything from booking an Uber car to ordering a pizza as well as be linked to other devices in the house and used to perform tasks such as turning off lights or setting an oven timer.

Another prediction we made was that the number of people who use a touch-based payment service to make a purchase on their mobile devices will increase by 150 per cent. In the UK, touch-and-go payments has rocketed by 166 per cent in 2016. Half of Brits now pay with contactless at least once a month, and 21 per cent planned to increase their usage even further this year.

So what’s on the cards for this year? This year’s report, similarly to last year, we continue to focus on technologies that are either improving localised consumer experience on the mobile devices, or the infrastructure that enables them.

This year’s predictions include:

  1. Fingerprint, the biometric trailblazer
  2. Unleashing the power of machine learning to mobile devices 
  3. The last frontier: indoor navigation made possible
  4. Automatic braking system: the road leading to self-driving
  5. 5G: the promise of a big bang in connectivity
  6. Increase in the severity of DDoS attacks

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