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Staying ahead of the curve

What are the key forces driving change in the retail sector? Where does the opportunity with the consumer lie? In our Retail Showcase, we share with you our vision of what it takes to win in retail today.

Winning in retail

In recent years the UK has seen varying economic conditions. To be successful within the retail industry there is a constant need for businesses to evolve. Inside our Retail Showcase we share with you how we can support and work with you to navigate the ever-changing retail landscape.

Retail Financial Advisory: addressing the challenges head on

The retail industry continues to go through a rapid period of change driven by digital transformation and a desire for a seamless customer experience across all channels.

Economic uncertainty following the recent General Election and Brexit developments together with rising inflation continues to dent consumer confidence which is now at its lowest level in over three years. In addition to the demand side challenges, cost pressures are further adversely impacting retail margins.

Given the scale of the challenge, retailers need to act quickly and decisively to remain relevant in today’s market.

Our recent Financial Advisory report provides insight into addressing these challenges head on as the landscape for retail continues to evolve.

Beating the competition


It’s not easy to win in this competitive market where savvy shoppers are demanding discounts and there are fundamental structural changes taking place with the accelerated growth of online.

We have helped our retail clients take decisive actions to relieve the pressures on their top line and enhance their profitability.

This, in turn, has enabled them to emerge in a stronger financial position and make the right investments required for long-term value creation.

Read how we've helped our clients to win.

“For the first time, we have a common understanding and shared sense of purpose around where we will focus for growth, allowing us to move confidently as a united force.”
Head of Strategy, leading grocery retailer


“The work he have done with Deloitte has had significant impact on our merchandising team’s way of working, using analytics to help inform decision making and plan our ranges.”
Head of Merchandising, fashion retailer


“I’m struck by the Deloitte teams’ drive to build a legacy for each project they are engaged with….it’s a partnership that will resonate for the foreseeable future.”
CEO, UK high street charity

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