Travel Weekly Insight Annual Report 2015

Analysis of the UK travel market

For the fourth consecutive year, we are proud to have provided our perspectives and expert views in the Travel Weekly Insight Annual Report which presents an in-depth overview of the UK travel market in the context of the global economic and political landscape.

This year’s report found that 2015 saw record passenger numbers departing the UK for holidays. The domestic market was not left behind and also benefited from the rising consumer confidence. Finally, hotel occupancy levels increased both in London and the regions partly as a result of increased business travel.

But now is not the time for the industry to rest on its laurels. To sustain this growth, it should consider maximising data analysis to drive deeper customers’ engagement, provide them with the seamless, omnichannel experience they demand and ensure their confidence with clear protection messaging.

Report highlights:

  • 66% UK adults took at least one holiday in 2015
  • For 2016, 24.5m UK adults said they are ‘likely’ to take at least one domestic holiday, 20.4m for overseas
  • Compared to 2014 less people booked their holidays via their computers (-15%) and shifted instead to their mobiles (+60%)
  • There was a 7% year-on-year growth in overseas holiday visits to the UK 
  • Since 2007, business trips from the UK have decreased by 24%
  • The number of UK airport passengers is nearly back to the levels of 2007
  • 4/5 star hotels are the most likely accommodations for overseas holidays (37%) and self-catering villas/apartments for domestic holidays
  • 54% UK consumers would not consider an Airbnb style home holidays
  • Despite the increasing use of online medium to book travels and holidays around 40% of consumers remain concerned about the security of their data
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