Fashion & Luxury Goods

Responding to the pressure for growth

Autumn / Winter 2014

The growth of wealth, and especially ultra-wealth, is a global theme. Demand for luxury consumer goods is forecast to grow significantly over the next decade and beyond, notwithstanding the expectation for short-term slowdown, as the previously soaring demand in China cools. The question is – how can you capture this growth?

Fashion and luxury brands have proved to be resilient over the course of the downturn in the past decade. But now, many brands are subject to higher growth expectations – and in a more competitive market. These types of pressures are creating common traps for luxury brands to fall into.

There are many obstacles which luxury brands face on their path to success. Of these, we believe there are eight major challenges, which span scale and category – and that should be on the minds of all senior executives

Our Fashion & Luxury Lookbook (Autumn / Winter 2014)

Inside our Lookbook for Autumn / Winter 2014, you can discover:

  • Our views on the biggest challenges we see shaping the fashion and luxury sectors
  • Case studies – showing how a selection of world’s leading brands have taken journeys with us
  • You can open our ‘wardrobe’, where you can find our own version of the LBD – together with some essential accessories which no luxury brand can now afford to be seen without

If there’s anything that catches your eye, we’d be delighted to start a conversation with you, and we hope you enjoy browsing.