The Deloitte Leisure team is widely recognised as the leading advisor to the sector. The team provides a broad range of services to all companies across the industry, including restaurants, pubs, bars, health and fitness clubs, holiday parks, theatres and destination leisure attractions.

Deloitte is at the forefront of providing solutions that maximise value for our clients and deliver competitive advantage in what is a fast-changing, challenging and often volatile market.

Leisure industry

The general consensus for the industry remains optimistic, although the sector remains highly reliant on consumer confidence and the wider economic environment.

Businesses are required to continually revise their strategies, to constantly innovate and deliver new products and services in order to stay relevant to consumers. Companies in the sector face a constant battle to secure premium sites with manageable rents, find and retain the best people whilst maintaining profit margins. The introduction of new technologies provides companies with the tools to achieve this and to deliver better value to - and connect with - their customers.

Leisure practice

Deloitte’s experience and breadth of services uniquely positions us to assess these challenges and opportunities and to advise on the appropriate strategy for our clients - be it financial, commercial, operational or human capital.

Our extensive knowledge is built from our core strengths: Our clients have access to a fully integrated and sector-focused team working across financial advisory, audit, tax and consulting.

Our financial, commercial and tax advisory teams have helped clients to acquire or sell a wide range of trophy assets, large portfolios and strategic investments in the sector. We also advise on debt raising, new development, business planning and corporate strategy. We work locally and globally, drawing on a unique global network of experts.

Our experience and knowledge of the leisure industry and the business imperatives facing our clients enables us to provide real insight in a timely manner.

Our leisure insight

The casual dining sector: Changing tastes
The casual dining industry is going through a challenging period driven by cost pressures, a squeeze on disposable incomes, declining consumer confidence and also a change in consumer tastes and the way that they engage with restaurants.

Passion for leisure. A view of the UK leisure consumer
Leisure consumers are still feeling the pinch in the first quarter of 2018. Although inflation is starting to ease and wages continue to gradually climb, consumers have reduced their spending on most leisure activities. Looking ahead, consumers have little intention to spend more in the coming months, leaving spending on holidays significantly below the level seen last year.

CVAs…Getting it right
As we predicted in 2017, 2018 has been and will continue to be a challenging year for Retail and Casual Dining chains. As operators look to CVAs as a means of weathering the storm, we have looked to demystify this increasingly popular process.

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Simon Oaten

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Edward Jenkins

Director, Financial Advisory

Edward is a Director in the Transportation, Hospitality, Leisure (THL) Corporate Finance team, and helps manage the firm’s global Leisure sector. Edward has worked on a wide range of transactions acro... More

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Andreas Scriven

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