The challenge

You want to use data to make the best strategic decisions. But most geospatial analysis is built on static, stale data. The same data that your competitors are using. So how can you create an edge in a competitive market?

LocationEdge is our revolutionary approach to addressing this problem. We combine real world, accurate spend data with hundreds of data sources on supply and demand, providing you with the most current view of your addressable market. Our intuitive technology delivers dynamic insight in a way that’s easy to understand so that you can see how markets are changing and act accordingly.


Tap into dynamic insight

Understand what’s happening in the market right now, with real spend data refreshed every quarter as standard - or when you need it.

Find answers quickly

Quickly find specific answers to complicated commercial issues with simple data visualisations that are easy to create and understand.

Locate the white space

Leave behind static catchment areas and use real world data and predictive modelling to discover the true addressable market in each location.

Benchmark your performance

Benchmark against up to date trends so that you can quickly optimise your performance.

Accurately forecast sales and profit

Forecast financial performance through comprehensive data science techniques to minimise risk and maximise return on investment.

Access a wealth of experience

Draw on the breadth of our expertise to turn geospatial insight into sharper commercial strategy.


Real spend data refreshed regularly

Real world catchment models

Retail destination understanding

Detailed consumer demographics

White space prioritisation

Benchmarking capabilities

Accessible anywhere, anytime

Access to history and trends

How it works

'The Deloitte team's deep sector knowledge, with the unique LocationEdge solution, is proving so invaluable to us.'

Alex McLauchlan, CFO, Hawksmoor

Find out how we’re helping the award-winning British restaurant chain Hawksmoor to perfect their growth strategy.

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