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Treasury Technology Market Intelligence 2019

Treasury management has long been technology-dependent. Thanks to rapid developments in products and innovation, there is a new urgency to the Treasury technology challenge. Automation, sophisticated analytics and rich data visualisations are putting powerful new tools in the hands of Treasury teams. The Treasury function is moving from routine reporting to embracing predictive analysis - in many organisations this is already becoming a reality.


Deloitte’s 2019 Treasury Technology Market Intelligence outlines the key principles of a successful Treasury technology strategy and design, and provides a critical overview of available technologies including a consolidated view of the TMS market. Our analysis will help you in answering three key questions:

  1. How can we help our clients to select, design and implement the right mix of Treasury technology?
  2. What key questions should our clients have in mind when evaluating their requirements with vendors?
  3. How can Treasury use technology effectively to deliver more strategic insight for the wider organisation?

Key findings

Internal and external pressures are combining to demand both cost reduction and more financial visibility from the Treasury function, primarily through automation. The opportunity now exists to deploy new technologies to deliver simple, transparent and efficient Treasury processes.

Companies need to plan and execute their Treasury transformations around some key principles: understanding the technology, understanding the vendor market and setting a clear Treasury technology strategy.

Read the full report here.

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