Using scenario planning to underpin business decision making 

Covid-19: Planning for the future

Many businesses are required to look beyond the immediate impact of CV19 to medium term scenarios through to the recovery. Financial institutions are required to test the durability of their business against a variety of macroeconomic scenarios. Exposed sectors need to consider the changes in the economic environment in statutory audits and reporting the value of business assets.

Beyond those regulatory requirements, testing against reasonable scenarios for the medium-term outlook can help businesses of all kinds get immediate decisions right. Scenarios can help inform decisions over the capital needed to get through shut downs; plan for the capacity needed to respond to a recovery when it comes; and understand the kind of support that it is practical for the business to provide for its suppliers, distributors, workers and other stakeholders.

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  • Key questions to consider now to support effective recovery
  • The macro and micro challenges to consider when scenario planning
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