Our Forensic Technology and Analytics Services

Our Forensic Technology and Analytics Services

Organisations use an increasingly wide range of systems to conduct their business operations and manage fraud prevention. These continuously create, amend and store data in an ever-growing variety of formats, an increasing volume of records and at an ever-expanding level of detail. Ensuring this data has been fully considered, robustly gathered and consistently and accurately reviewed is a key challenge our clients and their advisors face, whether undertaking fraud investigations, conducting litigation or responding to regulatory requests.

Establishing the facts of such cases is time consuming, costly and exceptionally high risk.

Our specialist team helps our clients deal with data challenges quickly and effectively. We support clients across all industries and sectors, public and private, to Discover, Investigate, Analyse and Monitor their data in order to meet their legal and regulatory obligations and reduce their exposure to economic crime.

How we can help

Our team helps clients deal with data challenges quickly and effectively. Working with a range of cutting-edge technology and platforms and with Forensic Technology practices across the world, we provide market-leading technology solutions and analytical support.

Our work increasingly employs specialised competencies, such as advanced analytics, visualisation, geospatial techniques and the latest data review technologies.

Our solutions include:



We provide a wide range of eDiscovery services to support our clients with litigation, internal investigations and regulatory inquiries. We can deliver these either for individual matters or as a managed service, providing all the benefits of the most advanced technology, technical expertise and scale.

Structured data discovery

We map enterprise systems architectures and then locate, extract, reconstruct and analyse datasets held within them to help our clients and their legal advisors respond to legal claims and regulatory requests for information.

Financial and business data capture

We assist clients with a wide range of data requirements arising in the M&A cycle or in the administration or liquidation of their businesses. We capture and preserve data held in their systems and locate and consolidate deal related materials. We also support our clients’ advisors with the delivery of reporting and insights and with data analysis to accelerate due diligence processes.


Fraud detection

We automate the collation and testing of master, financial and transactional data to identify indicators of fraud and misconduct, quantify risks and inform the investigation and resolution of economic crime.

Digital investigations

We consolidate structured data (such as accounting records and transactional data) and unstructured data (such as documents and communications) and then deploy a wide range of analytics technologies to accelerate its analysis and review.

Digital Forensics

As data landscapes become more complex, our adaptive reconnaissance, digital investigations and evidence preservation solutions protect our clients from the threat of misconduct, cyber-attacks or the misuse of high-risk data through real-time business monitoring and data interrogation.


Network analytics

Our network analytics solutions isolate, trace, enrich and present transactions and relationships between individuals and entities identified within large and disparate data sources, allowing complex networks to be intuitive and dynamically presented.

Claimant analytics

The defence of group claims often involves grappling with vast datasets spanning customer and product details, transaction histories and details of pricing, marketing and other business activities. We help source this data comprehensively to facilitate its disclosure and we assist legal practitioners and expert advisors with its analysis.

M&A Data transformation

We provide insight and intelligence to help organisations understand and manage data during any stage of a deal, reducing risk, cost and delays for both sell-side and buy-side teams.



We implement Guard.ai, Deloitte’s end-to-end solution for the proactive detection of fraud, waste, corruption and abuse. We assess existing risk areas, automate the detection of high-risk events and leverage machine learning and artificial intelligence techniques to identify anomalies and emerging issues.

Communications and Audio Monitoring

With various channels of electronic communications in organisations and amongst their personnel, there is a need to ensure communications continue to be monitored to identify potential threats and reduce risk. We help our clients reduce costs and streamline their compliance monitoring and analysis with Deloitte Audio Discovery, powered by TrueVoice.

Data Subject Access Requests (DSAR)

We help organisations respond to DSARs, either on a one-off basis or through a full managed service for organisations with a high volume of requests. Our service helps our clients to identify, collect, review, redact and produce data using an appropriate, repeatable and cost-effective workflow solution.

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