Strategic Options Assessment

Effectively evaluate the impact of future business decisions

There is a need for business leaders to understand the true value drivers and leverstrue value drivers and levers of their organisation to effectively evaluate the impact of future business decisions under various scenarios.

Developing driver based strategic options models provides greater understanding of how the operational data drives the financial outcomes, which in turn enables an organization to understand, plan around, and influence the critical elements that have the greatest impact on both financial and operational performance.

Strategic options assessments apply wherever there are options being considered, for example:

  • Both buyside and sellside M&A opportunities, assessing sensitivities on metrics, sale prices and synergies.
  • Assessing the size and scope of infrastructure, energy and real estate developments, including revenue, cost and price sensitivities.
  • Financial structuring of transaction bids, ongoing treasury commitments and restructuring opportunities.
  • Exploring new geographies, markets and product groups in an expanding organisation.
  • Transformation of an organisation into a new internal structure (restructuring).
  • Options for cost reduction programmes.
  • Design and build robust driver based three statement budgeting and forecasting models to facilitate deep understanding of transactions and increase both the efficiency and effectiveness of planning, reporting and analysis.
  • Implement effective and efficient data gathering processes for internal and external inputs for timely insights utilising automation to streamline the process.
  • Create best-in-class dashboards and analytics to provide actionable insights for stakeholders, establishing a single source of truth for key data points.
  • Enhance collaboration across the business providing greater visibility, ownership and accountability of forecasts which helps support an effective approvals process.
  • Tracking of benefits against planned outcomes to confirm value of change.

We have recently assisted clients on the following:

  • Supporting buyside & sell-side energy investors to rapidly assess transactions under a range of driver sensitivities including energy pricing, production expectations and transaction prices.
  • Assisting Real Estate developers to assess financial impact of using sustainable materials and techniques on capex, costs & rental values.
  • Helping a new fund looking to invest in renewable energy projects across the Middle East and Africa, providing returns across indicative portfolios of assets.
  • Helping an investment fund assess a Long-Term Incentive Plan across potential scenarios.
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