Digital Forensics

Increasingly, evidence of wrongdoing perpetrated against your organisation will be found on digital devices. This may occur through the actions of sophisticated cybercriminals or ordinary employees. Defensibly preserving and analysing the evidence required to support your case is becoming progressively more complex as the divisions between the corporate estate, the cloud and personal domain become increasingly blurred.

With our team of specialists you will benefit from rapid investigation of issues and crises allowing you to find answers and take action.

How we can help

Digital Evidence Preservation & Collections

We offer data collection services across a wide range of digital assets and cloud data sources. We use industry-leading forensic software and hardware to acquire data rapidly and maintain the integrity of metadata and data content. Our methodologies and chain-of-custody documentation are designed to meet requirements for courtroom acceptance.

Some data sources from which we routinely collect data include:

  • Cloud-based repositories
  • Social media platforms
  • Mobile devices such as cell phones and tablets
  • Hard-drive and portable storage media
  • Network devices
  • Memory content from live systems (RAM)
  • Archived and historical data such as backup data in off-site or on-site locations, network-attached storage devices, storage arrays, and tapes
  • Corporate file-sharing and email servers
  • Virtual environments
  • Databases and software applications

Digital Investigations

We can help you find, investigate, remediate and report on digital evidence in the support of the following issues:

  • Intellectual Property Theft & Team moves
  • Data Destruction
  • Software Misuse
  • Confidential Information Leaks
  • Data Breaches
  • Cyber-attacks

Adaptive Reconnaissance

Our unique solution combines powerful technology with our well-rounded expertise to help you proactively monitor for issues and prevent them turning into crises. Our bespoke solution gives you the flexibility and adaptability to meet industry regulations and responsibilities though our advisory on:

  • Identifying digital evidence to detect and discover misconduct or misuse of systems.
  • Adapting rules to monitor systems and user activity for the issues you are obliged to monitor and report on.
  • Dealing with real-time alerts on potentially prohibited activities.
  • Automating investigative workflows saving you vital time and costs.

Key contacts

Peter Robinson

Peter Robinson


Peter leads Deloitte’s Electronic Discovery function in the UK. He has 18 years’ experience in helping clients marshal their data in response to legal, regulatory and investigative issues. Peter is al... More