Innovation Capture & Harvesting

Innovation Capture & Harvesting helps you to extract innovative ideas and prioritise them. As your business continues to grow and innovate, it is essential to implement processes and procedures to identify, capture and protect what you are developing and investing in.

As inventions progress along the innovation capture process, we are able to evaluate and assess their patentability. Our work and advice enables you to ensure your innovations are aligned with your business’s long-term objectives and product roadmaps. This process also enables you to track, monitor and organically grow your patent portfolio, reducing the burden on inventors and IP managers.

Innovation capture provides a consistent framework for capturing intellectual assets. You benefit most from innovation capture when you are:

  • Creating a long-term innovation strategy.
  • Deciding which inventions have merit/are patentable.
  • Producing initial invention capture documents.
  • Assessing novelty of innovations.
  • Preparing information for patent attorneys.
  • Wanting to maintain strong communication flows with your inventors.
  • When looking to take advantage of government incentives like Patent Box and R&D tax credits.

How Deloitte can help

Detailed Strategy:

  • Clearly defined innovation strategy that is in line with overall business objectives.
  • Benchmarks and targets mapped to support R&D.

Innovation Pipeline:

  • Secure output of innovation through a value-focused repository of creative ideas aligned with innovation initiatives.
  • Shows progression of ideas and indicates when specific patenting activities need to take place.

Innovation Efficiency:

  • Innovation dashboard enables your team to monitor progress & the C-suite to gain a clear perspective on innovation activity.
  • Based on innovation reports, patent filing costs can be better anticipated and planned for.


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Jon Calvert


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Josue Ortiz Ramirez


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