IP Asset Database & Dashboard

The IP Asset Database & Dashboard is a customised repository and display tool for managing and reporting on intellectual assets. After an IP Discovery, intellectual assets are mapped and ranked in terms of their strategic value and presented in an interactive dashboard.

The IP Dashboard allows key metrics and key performance indicators (KPIs) to be seen and compared at a glance. Example metrics include viewing how assets of different strategic value are distributed among sectors, asset types, or IP types. You are able to quickly identify which business sectors or asset types contribute the most value to your business. All features can be tailored to your specific needs, including dashboard graphics, and what is captured for each asset.

The reporting capabilities of an IP Dashboard are beneficial:

  • When you want an ongoing granular view of your intangible assets so you can better align them with your R&D funnel. 
  • When you are seeking clarity around your asset portfolio and want to improve reporting capabilities on a regular basis.
  • After an IP Discovery, the intellectual asset database and dashboard provides clients with an dynamic tool for managing IP data.

How Deloitte can help


  • Enables clients to make more strategic and informed decisions about their R&D, product development and commercialisation strategy.


  • Within the dashboard, assets are categorised into various different types according to the user’s needs and all the relevant IP associated with each asset is captured.
  • Assets are ranked in terms of their strategic value, and whether they are core to a particular business model.


  • The IP Database & Dashboard is instrumental for the ongoing management of intangible assets within the business.
  • Provides rich snapshot views that enable the client to communicate effectively their IP story and roadmap to key stakeholders.

Key contact

Jon Calvert

Jon Calvert


Jon Calvert leads the IP Advisory business within Deloitte. He has extensive experience and leadership in intellectual property strategy development and execution from his many years as a tech executi... More

Josue Ortiz Ramirez

Josue Ortiz Ramirez


Josue advises clients on IP strategy and IP transactions. He runs the IP Advisory group’s transaction advisory service. His transaction and valuation track record includes buy-side and sell-side engag... More