IP Sales, Licensing & Tech Transfers

IP transaction from out licensing, to patent sales and tech transfers, require a deep understanding of the value and market relevance of intellectual assets.

We help you gather necessary information and provide objective data to support the evaluation of divestment opportunities and identify candidate IP assets suitable for sale (e.g. assets that are no longer strategic or relevant to your business). This includes supporting you with your monetisation strategy by identifying potential buyers and creating qualitative arguments supporting the license or sale value of the assets being divested/licensed out. A key element of an out-licensing project is the review of the IP against market dynamics to identify value. Additionally, running a licensing process as well as a pre-emptive process for selected prospective licensees will help build competitive tension and maximise value.

Deloitte IP Advisory provides you with objective data to support your own evaluation of divestment opportunities so that you can evaluate whether to sell and on what terms while maintaining your intellectual property strategy is in alignment with your corporate strategy. We can support you with:

  • Licensing negotiations
  • Technology transfer programs
  • Exiting a market / product line

How Deloitte can help

Improved Portfolio Intelligence:

  • By analysing existing portfolio and identifying potential divestment opportunities, you gain a clearer perspective on your portfolio’s alignment to your business objectives.

Cost Optimisation: 

  • Divesting patents that no longer align with your business strategy, enables you to reduce portfolio maintenance costs and allows you to plan and budget for your IP filing strategy.

Revenue Generation: 

  • Generate revenue from licensing deals or through the sale of your patents.

Key contact

Jon Calvert

Jon Calvert


Jon Calvert leads the IP Advisory business within Deloitte. He has extensive experience and leadership in intellectual property strategy development and execution from his many years as a tech executi... More

Josue Ortiz Ramirez

Josue Ortiz Ramirez


Josue advises clients on IP strategy and IP transactions. He runs the IP Advisory group’s transaction advisory service. His transaction and valuation track record includes buy-side and sell-side engag... More