IP Scouting & Acquisitions

IP scouting & acquisitions helps you identify and evaluate third-party IP or technology to potentially license or purchase to grow your business and strengthen your IP positioning. Acquiring or licensing IP that aligns with and strengthens your product strategy can provide you with a competitive advantage or remedy a gap in your IP portfolio.

Deloitte IP Advisory conducts a thorough review of technologies and opportunities to identify IP available for license or for purchase. We then gather and provide objective data to support negotiations. A third-party perspective and know-how is very valuable when choosing what assets to acquire and how to approach the potential seller or licensor. This is an end-to-end service where we support the entire process through executing the transaction.

IP Scouting and Acquisition supports clients:

  • Looking to strengthen IP portfolio.
  • Needing help identifying quality IP to license or purchase.
  • Exploring technology transfers or patent acquisitions.
  • Considering licensing or acquisition negotiations.
  • Concerned about potential disruptors.
  • Entering a new market and want to avoid risks.
  • Who think third-party assets may have an impact on the market and want to ensure ownership.
  • Faced with a specific threat or an ongoing dispute.

How Deloitte can help

IP Portfolio Enhancement:

  • From the data collected and analysis of the market, you are able to identify and acquire patents to improve the quality and strength of your portfolio.

Negotiation Support:

  • With detailed analysis of the third-party IP, you can set reasonable and defensible licensing terms.

Market Awareness:

  • Identifying third-party IP provides you with a valuable perspective of the current state of innovation in your technology area.

Key contact

Jon Calvert

Jon Calvert


Jon Calvert leads the IP Advisory business within Deloitte. He has extensive experience and leadership in intellectual property strategy development and execution from his many years as a tech executi... More

Josue Ortiz Ramirez

Josue Ortiz Ramirez


Josue advises clients on IP strategy and IP transactions. He runs the IP Advisory group’s transaction advisory service. His transaction and valuation track record includes buy-side and sell-side engag... More