Taking Action On Tax Evasion: Corporate Criminal Offence And Beyond [On demand]

Dbriefs Webcast

Aired 6 July 2021

Host: Mark Kennedy

Presenters: Ben Pitts, Adam Routledge, Lauren Taylor, Samuel Dean (CCO lead at HMRC)

We have now been living with the Corporate Criminal Offence for nearly four years. In the wake of COVID-19, ongoing business change and an evolving financial crime environment, many companies are now refreshing their
risk assessments and resulting proportionate procedures. HMRC are increasing
their enforcement with 14 companies under investigation and 14 other cases in
their pipeline. What steps does your organisation need to take to safeguard your position? Along with our guest speaker - Samuel Dean, HMRC’s CCO lead, we’ll discuss:

  • Key aspects of the CCO legislation.
  • What factors organisations must consider in building their reasonable prevention procedures, including the challenges of implementation.
  • The measures being implemented in practice, and common questions raised regarding CCO. 
  • The interaction of CCO with broader developments in anti-financial crime and tax, such as the OECD’s Fighting Tax Crime Report.

Understand the impacts of the legislation to your organisation’s procedures.

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