End-To-End M&A: Where Tax And Legal Intersect On Acquisitions [On demand]

Dbriefs Webcast

Aired 6 September 2022 

Host: Mike Thorne

Presenters:  Andy Moseby, Amanda Solomon

Further in our series of M&A related webcasts, we will look at the end-to-end M&A lifecycle and the shift in focus from risk-identification for the purposes of the share purchase agreement to a more holistic focus on post-merger integration and longer-term transformation. What are the key legal elements of the SPA (sale and purchase agreement) and where do they overlap with tax? Practical mistakes after closing are common, which can damage the transaction value or increase the odds of it not delivering the proposed synergies, there can also be post-completion disputes and claims (including W&I policy claims). What should your organisation be thinking about? We’ll discuss:

  • Purchase price adjustments.
  • Management equity and shareholder options.
  • The purpose of warranties and indemnities and where the tax covenants fits in.
  • Commonly negotiated areas.

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