Changes To UK Border Operating Model: Are You Ready For 2022? [On demand]

Dbriefs Webcast

Aired 11 November 2021

Host: Caroline Barraclough

Presenters: Jeffrie Mann, Sam Kiely

2021 has seen significant change to the UK’s customs landscape following the UK’s exit from the European Union. HMRC introduced its Border Operating Model to set out how the border will be managed and to guide businesses on the requirements. 2022 marks further change as HMRC develop their model and adapt customs processes in-line with international customs conventions. What are your business needs, and what options could your organisation consider now? We’ll discuss:

  • Changes to the customs declaration process, including removal of ‘Delayed Declarations’ facilitation.
  • Managing requirements for the movement of Products of Animal Origin.
  • Use of the Goods Vehicle Movement Service for imports and exports.
  • Options for the payment of taxes.
  • Introduction of Customs Declaration Service for imports.
  • Managing customs compliance; HMRC approach and what information is available for traders.

Join our experts who will guide you through the changes and some
practical examples of what your organisation should expect.

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