Inclusion in the global workforce [On demand]

Dbriefs Webcast

Aired 13 July 2022

Host: Ben Tuvey

Presenters:  Teji Susheela, Vishwanath and guest speakers - Christle van der Ven, Head of Global Mobility at IKEA, Elizabeth Keller, Head of International Mobility at Standard Chartered and Karlijn Jacobs, Co-founder of Expat Valley

There is growing recognition of how critical Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) is to business performance, with many organisations making public commitments to DEI. The DEI agenda becomes even more significant when workforce is sourced or deployed, whether physically or virtually, across international borders. Delivering on these commitments requires a shift toimpactful actions that will make the workforce feel included. Talent Acquisition, HR and Global Mobility teams have a key role to play. What actions should your organisation be thinking about in their DEI journey? We’ll discuss:

  • The Diversity,  Equity and Inclusion (DEI) landscape.  
  • What this means for HR, Talent Acquisition and Global Mobility.  
  • How to integrate DEI into the design of cross-border workforce sourcing. and deployment. 
  • How to measure performance and apply success criteria.

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This webcast is part of our 2022 Global Employer Services ‘Staying Connected’ series. Each month we will explore a different hot topic that organisations are thinking about, covering areas such as sustainability and climate change, fair pay, diversity and inclusion, and immigration. Look out for more details in our future newsletters and the On demand Dbriefs website.

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