UK Tax Monthly Update

Dbriefs Webcast

Tuesday 14 December 2021, 12.00 GMT/13.00 CET

Host: Lisa Shipley

Presenters: Jennifer Donnachie, James Warwick

Changes to UK business taxation (including corporate tax, VAT, payroll taxes and other taxes and duties) are frequent and often complex. In addition, guidance on technical matters and the approach taken by HMRC and the UK courts evolve. What does your organisation need to know to keep up to speed with the latest developments? We’ll discuss:

  • Topical corporate UK news, and international tax news of particular relevance to UK businesses.
  • VAT and other indirect tax developments.
  • Employment tax issues.
  • Statute, case law, HMRC guidance and other developments.
  • Best practices and practical insights.

Keep up to date with the latest tax changes affecting UK businesses.

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