Notification Of Uncertain Tax Positions: What Does The Future Hold? [On demand]

Dbriefs Webcast

Aired Wednesday 14 October 2020

Host: Matt Batham

Presenters: Jamie Bedford, Alex Warren

The HMRC proposal on Notification of Uncertain Tax Positions (UTP) if implemented will be a significant further step to reduce the perceived information asymmetry that HMRC believe exists between them and large corporates. New disclosures are expected to be included on all filings from April 2021 onwards. The consultation closed in August with a firm indication that HMRC will be taking forward many of the proposals, such that many large corporates have started to ask; what will this mean for us? We’ll discuss:              

  • The key proposals expected to be taken forward.
  • What HMRC will do with the information received.
  • How this development is expected to intersect with HMRC enquiries.
  • How to prepare for this change.

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