Brexit: Tax Readiness [On demand]

Dbriefs Webcast

Aired Thursday 17 September 2020

Host: Amanda Tickel

Presenters: Dan Barlow, Richard Williams, Michael Eckes, Caroline Barraclough

With the end of the transition period less than four months away, we’ll provide a recap of recent political developments, discuss key tax technical considerations, and share practical tips on preparing for the changes ahead. What are the key
actions to prepare for the customs and tax changes from 1 January 2021?  We’ll discuss:

  • Business model changes: impacts of Brexit-related restructuring, including transfer pricing.
  • The Border Operating Model and customs and VAT implications.
  • The Northern Ireland Protocol: specific considerations for movements of goods through Northern Ireland.
  • Key considerations for services businesses.
  • Corporate tax:  withholding taxes, branch structures and transfer pricing. 
  • Workforce: key immigration, tax and social security developments.

Keep up-to-date with latest developments and, for those businesses moving goods between the UK and the EU, look out for our webcast on 23 September covering the Border Operating Model and latest guidance on moving goods under the Northern Ireland Protocol in more detail.

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