EMEA Dbriefs Legal webcast: Employment Law Perspectives In ESG 

Dbriefs Webcast

Monday 18 July 2022, 14.30 BST/15.30 CEST

Host: Ivana Azzolini

Presenters: Rebecca Butler, Fernando Bazan, Adam Tomiak of EBG Law

We often think of climate and environmental impact first when considering ESG goals. But social issues are often top of mind. A strong ESG proposition can help companies attract and retain quality employees, enhance employee engagement and experience, and increase productivity overall, yet there can be a divide between compliance with regulation and meeting internal goals. Our experts will discuss local trends and developing  labour laws  in  Italy, LATAM, Spain, UK, and US. What employment law and HR issues can arise? We’ll discuss:

  • What’s hot: The main guidelines for a sustainable workforce management from a labour law perspective. 
  • How to do it: Developing strategies and tools for sustainable HR management of legal and business requirements. 
  • Coming soon: The all-around approach to ESG in HR management.

Learn more about the current ESG landscape across these jurisdictions.

PLEASE NOTE - This webcast is from the EMEA Dbriefs Legal webcast programme but we thought it might be of interest.

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